Why should I choose Rockridge Financial?

There are many practical reasons why we think you should talk to us. The one foundational reason is that we care about your business. We truly become your partner and keep your goals in mind with every decision we make.  If you’re still interested in some specifics, here are some typical reasons why clients choose RockRidge Financial.

  • Because management doesn’t have the time to spend each month carefully reviewing your financial results comparing to budget or prior periods.
  • You don’t engage in a formal forecasting, planning, or budgeting process.
  • The company is having cash flow issues.
  • there is no business transition plan or exit strategy.
  • You are investigating entering a new market.
  • You are considering bringing on equity partners.
  • Your growth is limited by heavy inventory or receivables.
  • You want to raise new debt or refinance old debt.
  • There’s an opportunity to merge or acquire another business.
  • You spend all your time working in your business, and no time working on your business!