Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

The right strategic business and financial advisor can provide an important service to your small business, helping you identify strategic options to protect what you have built and continue to grow in the future.

We can help you prepare for the unknowns. Our industry-specific expertise will keep your business on the right track. RockRidge Financial, located in Atlanta, GA, can help create a business plan for you to avoid and anticipate problems and minimize negative impacts on your company and finances.

Our strategic consulting services include:

  • Business plan development
  • Financial projections
  • Sales growth strategies
  • Cost containment strategies
  • Flash reporting techniques
  • Implementation and execution tactics


Analyze Your Financial Situation 

Whether you are a brand new business just getting started or have been running your small business for a while now, a strategic business financial advisor can help you figure out where you are financially. Our consultants offer an important perspective to assess the viability of your business model and your short- and long-term financial stability and profitability.

When you work with a small business financial advisor from RockRidge Financial, you get years of experience and expertise specific to your industry to help you take the actions today that will get results tomorrow. We will develop customized strategies to meet your needs and concerns. With our talented team of strategic consulting professionals by your side, you can focus on growing your business.


Increase Profitability at Every Stage of Growth

The needs of your small business will change over time depending on what stage you are Our corporate finance consulting helps identify exactly where you are in your business lifecycle and where you want to be to help design the right financial strategies and tools to get there. We’ll help with everything from budgeting and cash flow analysis to more complex M&A (buy and sell-side), and capital fundraising activities. With two decades of experience, we can help you avoid costly mistakes.


Plan for the Future

Planning for the future isn’t something that can wait. From brand new startups to small businesses that need a succession plan, we’re here to guide you through the financial implications at every stage. We work closely with our client companies to develop a plan for your business that puts you on the road to success and long term financial health and value. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure that you have an executable plan to keep your business on track. We can also help you analyze the potential to grow (organically or through acquisition) into new markets and the risks that might come with those decisions so you can better protect what you have and continue to build.


Contact Us Today

As a RockRidge Financial client, you will benefit from our intimate knowledge of how your business works to create proactive strategies that help you realize your goals. Contact one of our strategic business financial advisors at our Atlanta office today to learn how we can prepare you for a healthy financial future.