Frequently Asked Questions about RockRidge Financial

Are you a CPA firm?

RockRidge Financial IS a CPA firm. Our focus is on business advisory, strategic partnership, and accounting services. We do not file taxes or perform audits.  Instead, we work directly with tax CPA firms to prepare your company’s tax return.  If you need a tax CPA, we have relationships with great firms around the country and are happy to make an introduction.

RockRidge Financial CFOs have nearly two decades of experience managing the strategic financial side of our clients’ businesses, from manufacturing and retail to services and not-for-profit companies.  We also have provided our expertise in the film/television production space, as well as to pharmaceutical companies.  In the M&A arena, we have primed client companies for sale, provided valuation guidance for companies being bought or sold, and raised millions of dollars of capital through banks, angel investors, and venture capital firms.

RockRidge Financial Services provides staff accountants at multiple levels. Our staff has decades of experience working with widely varied industries and different accounting software platforms. We can partner with your in-house team or be your full-service accounting department.

At RockRidge Financial Services, there are no minimums. We believe in tailoring our accounting and finance solutions to each client’s needs based on their short- and long-term goals. We put our focus on getting your projects done in a timely and accurate manner. Simply put: Use us how you need us, when you need us.

Just tell us. No early escape fee or 30-day notice for us. Most likely, you’ll only stop being our client when we help your company scale to where it needs to bring the function in-house or we help you sell your business. Then, we’ll smile and wish each other well! RockRidge Financial will consider that another job well done.

During the initial engagement process, we will have regular meetings with you and your team to set expectations and update you on our progress and activities. Because we are your partner and believe in keeping our client base small, we are always here for you to answer questions and provide support.

We begin with an engagement letter to set the stage for the mutual relationship between you and RockRidge Financial Services.  Here, we establish the scope of the work, time to be spent and expectation of our deliverables to you.

Each level of consultant has a different billing rate. We bill hourly and invoice monthly. We generally request a small deposit when the engagement letter is signed, to ensure mutual commitment to the relationship and process. We are committed to assigning you the right level of consultant for your needs so you can stay on budget and get the best service.

Contact us via email at, call us at 678-421-9977 or click on contact us and we’ll get with you shortly. We will respond same day or on the next business day at the latest.